Positive Healing -
Freedom to live your life!

Positive Healing - Freedom to live your life

Positive Healing - Freedom to live your life

Positive Healing is a Meta Changework Practice using a combination of highly successful therapies, aimed to change the way you feel about the past, present and the future, and to enable you to enjoy a future free of the baggage which has been holding you back.

Do you need help with fear, anxiety, trauma, pain – anything that you feel you cannot cope with on your own?

Stressed, lack confidence, feel rejected? You can deal with it very quickly and effectively and become a confident, positive person again.

Pushpa Hillman - Positive Healing.Want to lose weight or give up an addiction like smoking, alcohol, chocolate or anything else that is controlling your life and draining your health and confidence?

Call me, Pushpa, on 01689-861668 / (mobile 07704 633 383) and talk to me. I can help! I offer rapid, simple, and effective treatment, which has a very high success rate but  no side effects.

I can help you with
  • Trauma
    Grief – rejection – anger – guilt
  • Anxiety – stress – panic – frustration
    PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
    Depressive thoughts/feelings
  • Fears – phobias
    Flying, public speaking, driving test, exam nerves, spiders, needles, dentists
  • Pain
  • Confidence – motivation – performance enhancement
    Low self esteem – self sabotaging behavior
  • Weight loss – food cravings
  • Addictions
    Smoking, alcohol, foods (e.g. chocolate)

All it takes is a quick call to 01689 861 668 or 07704 633 383 and I will let you know how I can offer rapid, simple and effective treatment with no side effects.

Alternatively, Please email me on Pushpa@positivehealing.biz